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Stop Bentley Gas Exploration Now!

We are a diverse and concerned community who are standing up against unconventional gasfield exploration in the Northern Rivers. Please add your support with a donation for campaign strategies such as media and events, protest camp and legal fees.
$4,465/ $12,000
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Madhima Gulgan Rainforest and Bush Foods Trail 3#

Madhima Gulgan means "put track there". This special project is helping us with the way forward for our people and the land. You can join us in caring for our country by adding your support.
$30/ $11,000
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Bob Brown's Urgent appeal for Tasmania's Forests

Help the Bob Brown Foundation stop Tony Abbott reversing the World Heritage protection of 74,000 hectares of Tasmania's forests. The World Heritage Committee will be held in Doha, Qatar, from 15 to 25 June 2014. To ensure we keep the World Heritage protection of 74,000 hectares of Tasmania's forests we must let our voices be heard.
$100/ $30,000
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28 Day Palm Oil Challenge

I am a 17-year-old who for the last four years has been working to protect the rainforests, wildlife and people of Borneo and Sumatra from rampant palm oil expansion. My website has engaged hundreds-of-thousands of consumers around the globe, however I’ve been unable to provide them with individual guidance on changing their consumption of palm oil... but with your support, this can now be made possible.
$3,300/ $6,000
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Direct Action for Orangutans

Oil Palm plantations are expanding all over the island of Sumatra devastating the rainforest habitat of the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan. With just 6,600 left in the wild can you think of a more direct action on behalf of orangutans than cutting down illegally planted oil palm trees with chainsaws?
$165/ $30,000
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Save the Areng Valley in Cambodia

The magnificent Areng Valley in Cambodia is threatened by an uneconomic dam. that would wipe out endangered Siamese crocodiles and allow loggers and poachers into the 'biodiversity jewel' that is the Central Cardomom Protected Forest. The Independent Monk Network for Social Justice the youth activist movement called Khmer Youth Empire and Mother Nature, a Cambodian NGO are actively opposed the to the construction of the dam. Please add your support.
$1,010/ $10,000
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Sumatran Rainforest Sanctuary Stage 4

Help stop Sumatran rainforest going up in flames and expand a sanctuary for endangered wildlife. There is a very direct way of protecting rainforest land for wildlife and ensuring it stays protected forever – buy it, own it and manage it for wildlife conservation. Please help us expand the Supayang Reserve in Sumatra.
$375/ $8,000
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Daintree Rewilding, buying and protecting precious rainforest

If you thought the Daintree Rainforest was protected in a National Park and World Heritage Area it’s time to think again. The world’s oldest and Australia’s most biodiverse rainforest is threatened with development. Join us and protect this precious rainforest by helping to buy land and protect it forever.
$65/ $75,000
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Educating the community of Tembak

Tembak is a community in the Western Kalimantan region of Borneo that has held firm in its commitments to keep its rainforest standing and say NO to palm oil. They want a sustainable community. That includes a facility of formal education for high school students. Keep them strong and support Tembak.
$1,130/ $10,000